For more than sixteen years SLCCV has been the proud setting for for an
annual event now called the “Fitness Games”. From January through mid March
residents and renters have the opportunity to play, and judge their skills, in
eighteen different games. For the 2017 season we had more than 160
registrants for the Games. Ribbons are awarded for first, second, and third place
in each event.
 Most games have separate male and female categories and many also
have age brackets, thus allowing a great number of winners! The 2017 overall
champions were Dianne Poirier and Dan Burman.
Registrants may participate in a single event or try their skills in as many of
the twenty events as they are comfortable. Prior registration for the Fitness
Games is a must. You may register on either of two days in early January. Our
next registration dates are January 6th and January 13th, 2018 from nine am to
eleven am in the auditorium. A small fee is charged to cover event expenses and
the gala Awards Party.
The Awards Party is held in mid March to cap-off the Games. Sandwiches,
beer, wine, awards presentations, and a DJ all contribute to a great afternoon.
Attendees must have participated in at least one Fitness Game.
The 2018 Games will include: Basketball free throw, Billiards (nine ball),
Bocci, Darts, Euchre, Golf closest to the pin, Golf full round with handicap, Golf
putting, Horseshoes, Pickle Ball, Ping Pong, Scrabble, Shuffleboard, Softball
toss, Football toss, Tennis accuracy, Tennis singles, Tennis mixed doubles,
Tennis same sex doubles, and the Walk-A-Thon.
 For more information, call Jill or Bob Miller at 304-790-1589.