The Pickleball club was organized in 2017 to develop a program for all residents and renters of SLCCV. The purpose of the club is to provide an enjoyable recreational experience and to conduct club activities.    Use of the court time was established for Monday thru Friday.  Open play begins in the morning until noon.  Those wishing to play as a group may play after 12:00 noon.   An introduction to Pickleball clinic is available for those wishing to learn about the game.  Everyone is welcome to attend one of these sessions.    Meetings are held from October thru April in the auditorium the the second Wednesday of the month at 3:30P.M.   Dues are $5.00.

Officers  2018-19 are as follows:
President: Don Church--401-782-9599
Vice President: Carl Romano--586-549-4766
Secretary: Linda Minde--607-279-5140
Treasurer: Chris Sullivan--772-742-8047
Membership: Karl Harrison--425-301-4175
Last Update 4/7/2019