The SLCCV Homeowner’s Association has for many years sponsored the Library and the Video DVD Collection.   The Library now has a collection of about 2,600 books.  All books have been donated, except for the Large Print Section.  That has been established and paid for out of Video Library funds.  There is no sign up to borrow a book.  The collection includes paper backs and hard cover books, fiction and non fiction.  There is a good supply of books with large type.  Magazines are also included as well as a large number of jig saw puzzles. The Puzzles are in the Cabinets in the Longevity Billiard Room.   The Library is open at all times in the Longevity Center.

Video DVD's are rented on Mondays all year, including Holidays.
Hours:  1:00 – 2:30 p.m.  
$1.00 for each video DVD for one week, due back by 9:00 a.m. on designated Monday.
Also many series, which are usually $1.00 per several episodes (1 disc).
Any questions:  please call:  Gerrie Purcell 772-461-4810 Cell:508-454-9596
email  [email protected] 
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