Activities Coordinator - Linda Williams - 772-464-3638
Activities Coordinator - Lynn Grantham - 315-652-3000
Treasurer - Lynn Grantham - 315-652-3000
Membership Coordinator - Ray Beatty - 315-225-0867

For our last meeting, scheduled for April 26th, we are going to celebrate Spring and bid farewell to all our New Yorkers that are heading back to their “northern homes” by having a picnic with Hoffmann hotdogs, baked beans, chips and ice cream Sundaes…Weather permitting, the picnic will be in the pool area.  For those interested, we will be playing shuffleboard at 4:00 pm, picnic dinner at 5:30 or 6:00…Tickets will be sold on Monday, April 15th,  Tuesday, April 16th, and Monday, April 22nd from 9:00 am to 10:00 am in the Card Room.  Price:  $5.00.  Table service will be provided, just bring your own beverage…
For those of you New Yorkers who aren’t members are invited to attend.  Just bring your $5.00 membership fee and you will be all set for next year